North American Video, Brick, N.J., recently completed upgrading Prudential Financial’s Global Security Command Center located in Newark, N.J. The heart of the new system is a memory intensive Toshiba DVR system configured to provide recording and playback for more than 400 cameras networked to the command center. In addition to designing the DVR/networked system, North American Video provided installation and support services, as well as training for Prudential Financials’ security personnel.

The new DVR/networked system provides recording/playback and control operations for more than 400 cameras that were previously installed at the facility. North American Video integrated the facility’s cameras to a series of 27 Toshiba KC-PCDVR digital recorders networked via a fast 10/100 Ethernet local area network (LAN). Sixteen cameras are connected to each DVR and recorded at a minimum of one picture per second. The system is compatible with the installed dome cameras’ protocols for on-screen pan/tilt/zoom control. The Command Center’s new server viewing station also features enterprise-level multi-site software that allows up to 24 cameras to be selected and viewed on a single platform in a variety of image modes.