International Fiber Systems Incorporated (IFS) has announced a new product to further expand the capabilities of its Orion Fiber Optic Transmission System. The new module, called the Orion Minimux VT/2 and VT/4 transmitter modules have the capability of directly inserting two (VT2) or four (VT4) individual channels of video per module onto the Orion Network, from a unit that is much smaller than the standard Orion system. This new module is designed for use in locations where space is at a premium such as roadside control cabinets or external perimeter security locations. In addition to inserting 2 or 4 video channels, each module has the capability to insert 4 bi-directional data channels and 4 contact closure signals onto the Orion Network. Like the other Orion video modules, the Orion Minimux VT/2 and VT/4 modules utilize industry-standard MPEG-2 compression. International Fiber Systems

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