Ideal introduces its new Tuff-Rod fishing pole kits, which are designed to simplify the installation of electrical and data cables in walls, roof voids, raised floors and suspended ceilings, as well as pull wire where insulation is installed. Tuff-Rod features non-conductive, highly flexible connectable fiberglass rods in 1/4-in. and 3/16-in. diameters. Three kits are available to choose from, with total lengths of 12 ft., 24 ft., and 30 ft. Tuff-Rod comes in white, blue and pale green “glow in the dark” – ideal for installations where poor lighting is a problem. Tuff-Rod is available with three attachment ends. The poles can be used with different cable and wire types, including speaker and telephone wire, twisted pair data cables, fiber, thermostat, coax and general electrical cables. Ideal Industries Inc.

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