Retail security -- there are chains, regionals and mom-and-pops. Everyone has some type of security; many report they are upgrading. An annual, national survey reports that shrinkage -- the losses as a percent of total sales -- has edged up.

Retail Shrink Up; Losses Top $27 Billion

A comprehensive national retail industry survey released in late September 1996 earlier revealed that retailers lost $27 billion, or 1.87 percent of their total 1995 annual sales to a combination of employee and customer theft, administrative error and vendor fraud.

Results of the 1996 National Retail Security Survey (NRSS) indicated that employee theft and shoplifting have a multi-billion dollar impact on the economy.

Employee Theft
In 1995, American retail employees stole more than $10.4 billion from their employers, while retail customers - shoplifters - are estimated to have stolen over $9.7 billion. This year's loss percentage figure of 1.87 percent is slightly higher than the previous year's rate of 1.83 percent.

The survey was conducted by the Security Research Project at the University of Florida and funded through a research grant from Sensormatic Electronics Corporation of Boca Raton, Fla. It collected data via an anonymous questionnaire from 311 retail companies representing 26 different vertical market segments, excluding restaurants, bars, vehicle dealers, auto service stations and direct catalog sales.

Among survey highlights:
Loss prevention executives attributed 38.4 percent of their annual shrinkage losses to employee theft, 35.8 percent to shoplifting, 19.4 percent to administrative error and 6.4 percent to vendor theft.

Firms reported an average loss of $142.49 per shoplifting incident (i.e., shop theft), an average loss of $737.31 per employee theft incident, and an average loss of $2410.33 per armed robbery incident.

Eleven of the 25 loss prevention systems examined, including burglar and silent alarms, live and simulated closed circuit television (CCTV), electronic article surveillance (EAS) anti-theft tags, honesty shoppers, drop safes, locks and chains, plain clothed detectives, and uniformed guards were being used regularly by one-third or more of the respondents. Copies of the full NRSS study may be obtained for a nominal charge by contacting Professor Richard Hollinger, Security Research Project, Department of Sociology, University of Florida, 3219 Turlington Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611-7330.

For a free executive summary of this survey, contact Sensormatic Electronics Corporation at 800/368-7262.

Products Related to Retail Security

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Pure Magic!
The Magicard 300 performance and reliability places it very much at the quality end of the plastic ID card market, but we also ensure that our prices are competitive.

"Ok, so tell me why is the Magicard better? Do I really get a worthwhile performance gain with Magicard, and if I do, is it something that my customers will appreciate?" Yes you do, and Yes it is!

The first thing that your customers and your field service people want to see in a color ID card printer is reliability over the long haul. They want a printer that is built sturdy, and built to last, a printer that the manufactuer is prepared to back with a full one year warranty on parts and labor. They want a Magicard.

"What about the print quality issue, what makes the Magicard any better than the competition?"

All Magicard printers are calibrated in the factory to reproduce the ISO Pantone color standard. A major Ultra OEM customer told us the Magicard was the only low cost printer to meet their demanding quality requirements.

"Sure, so the printing is OK when it leaves the factory, but does the quality last?"

Not only does the output quality last, we designed the Magicard so that it can carry out high volume batch printing day in, day out, without needing time to cool off like some other machines.

"Speed is important. Is your printer faster than its competitors?"

Yes! We rate speed in printing as a critical selling point of the Magicard Series. Our competitors often quote short print times but their overall print cycle takes much longer. Magicard has 4Mbytes of memory on board to free up the PC and let you proceed with the next card while the first one prints.

"The noise of the printer I currently use drives my customers nuts in quiet office environments, how about the Magicard."

We used an acoustic design consultant to ensure that Magicard is as quiet as possible. Better yet, the little noise it does make is pleasant and reassuring.

"Some of my customers use magstripe cards and some want to use smart cards. Can your printer cope?"

Yes! The magstripe encoder in the 300M will encode all three tracks and will handle both HiCo and LoCo cards. As well as a magstripe encoder, the Magicard plus can be ordered with a smart card option.

"I see the Magicard plus prints edge-to-edge with no white border around the image - should I order the plus from now on?"

Corporate card designers love full-bleed printing for their cards, so you can certainly win some new customers with the Magicard plus. Not all applications require it though, and there are some restrictions on the card thickness.

"Ok I am convinced. Last Question: Can you support me in the USA?"

Yes we can. Our Customer Sales & Support Center in Redmond, Washington stocks all of our products, media supplies and spare parts.

Deborah, Karen, Angela and John are ready and waiting to provide all the sales and technical support you need.

Ultra Electronics Card Systems
15239 NE 90th St.
Redmond, WA 98052

Delayed Exit System Inhibits Unauthorized Exit, Theft and Patient Wandering

The Security Door Controls (SDC) 101S Delayed egress system delays any unauthorized exit for 15 or 30 seconds deterring shoplifiting, employee theft, infant abduction and patient wandering.

The SDC 101S EXIT CHECK secures the door while a lighted digital display indicates the preset release time of 15 or 30 seconds. Pushing the erxit device triggers an audible tone and verbal announcemnt "Exit in 15 seconds, security has been alerted." The digital display will count down in sequence to additional verbal instructions while notifying personnel of an unauthorized exit attempt. The door will release at the end of the countdown or signal from the fire alarm system for immediate egress.

The SDC model 101 EXIT CHECK complies with NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and is ideal for retail stores, hospitals, universities, airports, commercial and industrial facilities.

Security Door Controls, a leading manufacturer of electric locking hardware and access controls has been awarded 23 patents for leading edge access control technology. SDC's products are sold through 45 sales offices to the security and hardware industries and is now celebrating their 25th anniversay.

For further information contact SDC customer service at phone 805/494-0622 or FAX 800/959-4732.

Security Door Controls
3580 Willow Lane
Westlake Village, CA 913612-4921

Kensington to Market Master Lock Computer Security Device

Master Lock and Kensington announced a joint venture in which Kensington will market The Master Lock Universal Notebook Security Cable -- formerly known as The Leash, introduced by Kensington earlier this year. This venture is expected to dramatically increase the distribution and use of notebook security by combining the strengths of Master Lock's well-known brand name with Kensignton's leadership position in computer security.

One recent study, conducted by SafeWare, a computer insurance company, estimates that as many as one out of every 14 notebooks sold was stolen in 1995, a 39 percent increase from the previous year. With the growth of mobile computing and the rise in notebook theft, consumers will require better ways to protect portable equipment.

"Master Lock is excited to partner with Kensington on this new security device," said James Beardsley, president & CEO of Master Lock Company. "The lack of computer security for notebooks today makes this agreement a unique opportunity for two established companies to combine their security expertise to offer consumers quality protection."

The Master Lock Universal Notebook Security Cable is a security lock and cable designed to both physically and visually deter theft of laptops and other valuable computer equipment. It offers usrs convenient security with a sturdy but lightweight 6-foot galvanzied steel cable and locking device, and is available in black, blue, red and purple cable colors. Weighing only 5.5 ounces, it is easily transportable between work and home, and while traveling.

The device works by wrapping the cable around any immovable object and inserting the lock into the security slot built into the majority of notebook computers, or by using the retrofit kit provided for those laptops or other equipment that do not have the built in slot. That slot, also known as the Kensington Security Standard, is available on approximately 65 percent of all notebooks on the market. These include notebooks made by Toshiba, IBM, Compaq, Dell, DEC, Apple, Texas Instruments, NEC, Hewlett-Packard, Panasonic, AST, Zenith and Twinhead, among others. Besides protecting notebooks, the Master Lock Universay Notebook Secuity Cable can be used with the retrofit kit for securing other computer and peripheral property items such as external drives, batteries, consumer electronics and portable test equipment. The bright colors make the device instantly noticeable, providing an additional visual deterrent to theft.

"The reputable Master Lock name combined with Kensington's leadership position in the security market raises the awareness of theft and gives consumers an option for protecting their valuable investments," said Peter Dupont, president of Kensington.

The Master Lock Universal Notebook Security Cable, at a suggested street price of $44.99, will be available through leading computer resellers nationwide. It is backed by Kensignton's Guaranteed Quality, including a lifetime warranty with toll-free technical support, information available via fax 24 hours a day, and a 90-day no risk trial.

Kensington Microware Limited
2855 Campus Drive
San Mateo, CA 94403

Car Security Made "Untouchable" With Taser Technology

Air Taser, Inc. will demonstrate its full line of Air Taser products including the debut of its unique Autotaser auto security system at the 1997 Winter Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. After two years of sales, Air Taser has emerged as one of the nation's most sought after self-defense devices. Now this powerful technology is avilaable to protect automobiles. Visitors are encouraged to visit Air Taser Booth 33127 at the Sands Convention Center for a "not-so-hands-on" demonstration.

The Air Taser is a non-lethal self-defense device, about the size of a cellular phone, and stops assailants or intruders from up to 15 feet away. The Autotaser incorporates similar technology to prevent automobile thefts. Common steering wheel safety devices can be deactivated by cutting the steering column and physically removing the locks. With the Autotaser, attempts to revmoe the device from the car are thwarted instantly by a stunning, non-lethal electrical current. As a result, hands cannot come in contact with the Autotaser.

Many people in this country are worried about their safety," explains Air Taser President Rick Smith. "Our products protect citizens from a variety of dangerous situations. For example, the Air Taser safeguards you, your family and your home. But the Autotaser defends your car when you're not around." According to Smith, the Autotaser can significantly reduce the number of cars stolen each year. "After all," Smith says, "you can't steal what you can't touch."

Air Taser Inc.
7339 East Evans Road
Suite 1
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

ADA Compliant Emergency Phones For Parking Decks

Talk-A-Phone manufactures ADA Compliant Hands-Free Emergency Phones specifically designed for Parking Facilities. Model ETP-400 is for emergency use only; Model ETP-400D also has a second button marked "INFO", which automatically calls non-emergency telephone numbers.

Complete with built-in Red raised letter/Braille signage and Red emergency button, as well as red LED for hearing impaired. Units have two auxiliary outputs, allowing the person receiving call to open a door, turn on a light, etc. Phone can also be automatically activated through auxiliary input, using a presence detector, scream alert or alarm switch. Stainless steel front panel measures 9-1/2 inches wide by 12 inches high. Can be surface mounted with ETP-SM Mounting Accessory, which is stainless-steel and available in a variety of colors and markings.

The Emergency Phone is often used with Model ETP-EL Blue Light/Strobe, or with 9-1/2 inches tall ETP-MT Tower. The glowing blue light helps people to instantly locate the Emergency Phone, and the strobe is automatically activated by the Emergency Phone if the button is pushed, drawing attention to someone in need of assistance.

Talk-A-Phone Co.
5013 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625

B/W CCD Camera

Elmo Manufacturing has introduced Model TSE-270S, a new full featured 1/3-inch B/W CCD camera with a budget price. The Elmo TSE-270S Series features value engineering and a very affordable price for this level of quality and technology. Camera controls are conveniently positioned on the outside panel, making for faster, easier and a better installation. Outside controls include AES, Sens-up, back light control and V-phase adjustment. The camera back has a 4-pin square auto iris lens connector, video out, power and ground terminals. The TSE-270S also has an automatic electronic shutter to 1/50,000 second, isolation transformer, 0.15 lux sensitivity, over 380 TV lines resolution, line-lock, built-in AGC and accepts CS mounts. The camera measures 1.4W x 2.4H x 4.7 and weighs approximately one pound. It is available with 24v, 12v, and 120v power sources and carries a suggested retail of $270.00.

Elmo Manufacturing Corp.
70 New Hyde Park Road
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

TVM-1202 Video Monitor

Toshiba Security Products has expanded its line of video surveillance equipment to include the affordable Toshiba TVM-1202, a 12 black and white video monitor with BNC inputs and video loop-through capabilities. Designed for value, flexibility and superior image quality, the TVM-1202 is a cost-effective tool for monitoring and reviewing surveillance images. Compared with other monitors in its price range, the TVM-1202 delivers brighter, sharper picture quality. It yields greater than 800 lines of horizontal resolution, so it can be used with confidence in a wide variety of CCTV applications, from retail outlets and banks to government and corporate offices. The TVM-1202's compact plastic casing is fully rack mountable, saving valuable space and setup time. For total ease of operation, monitor controls are front mounted for simple and complete fingertip access to the full range of picture functions.

Toshiba America
120 Somers Road, P.O. Box 630
Ellington, CT 06029


Reaffirming its reputation for delivering state of the art technology, Toshiba CCTV today introduced its latest generation of timelapse recorders, the Toshiba Brand KV-7960. This new VCR is the flagship of the company's expanding KV-7000 Series of video surveillance recorders and is designed primarily for banks, corporate offices, warehouses and retail outlets requiring the industry's most advanced features. The compact sized Toshiba KV-7960 represents a giant breakthrough because it has hybrid recording capabilities. It can record 24 hours of natural, intelligible audio and video in virtual real-time onto a single tape, as well as perform standard timelapse recording duties up to 960 hours (40 days) on one tape. This dual functionality translates into unparalleled versatility, so that the user can select the ideal setting for their changing application needs. In case of an emergency -- such as a robbery or a fire - an on-board alarm triggers the KV-7960 to automatically switch from a programmed timelapse mode to real time recording mode for improved video and audio quality of the event.

Toshiba America
1010 Johnson Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

KV-7024A Time-Lapse Video Recorder

Toshiba is positioning itself aggressively for leadership in the CCTV marketplace with its introduction today of the world's most advanced 24-hour time-lapse videocassette recorder -- the KV-7024A, the first VCR to feature Toshiba's revolutionary SuperSearch technology.

With its real-time recording capabilities and the highest resolution available in its category, the four-head Toshiba KV-7024A is the superior choice for detail-intensive surveillance applications, such as banks, retail outlets, warehouses or casinos. And thanks to the KV-7024A's exclusive SuperSearch technology, users can now locate and view events without the drudgery of tape stopping, rewinding, fast-forwarding and starting. Unique to the industry, SuperSearch combines an advanced date/time index, unprecedented tape transfer speed, plus an ergonomic Quad Mode shuttle dial for fingertip access to the full range of transport and viewing functions.

Key to the success of the KV-7024A is its capability to record 24 hours of natural, intelligible audio and video in real-time onto a single T160 tape. Because the KV-7024A captures more frames per second than conventional time-lapse VCRs, recorded information is smoother and more continuous, so there is a better chance for positively identifying suspects.

Toshiba America
1010 Johnson Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

KV-7168A VCR

Continuing its lead in the development of innovative video surveillance products, Toshiba CCTV introduced a four-head video cassette recorder that bridges the technology gap between real-time and timelapse recording -- the Toshiba Model KV-7168A. The KV-7168A makes it possible to record 24 hours of virtual real-time with natural, intelligible audio and video, as well as up to 7 days (168 hours) of surveillance video in standard timelapse mode. This dual capability makes the new recorder an ideal solution for the detail-intensive surveillance needed by banks, casinos, retail outlets, hospitals and airports, where versatility is a must. In virtual real time mode, the KV-7168A captures more fields per second than in conventional time-lapse mode -- up to 20 fields per second -- so video information is smoother, more continuous and there is a better chance of positively identifying suspects. To meet the needs of specific timelapse applications, the KV-7168A offers one of the industry's broadest ranges of recording speeds for a seven-day machine -- 2, 6, 12, 18, 24, 48, 72, 120 and 168 hours -- with single-track audio recording available up to 24 hours. The unit's alarm recording mode can be programmed to run at 2, 6, 12, 18 or 24 hour speeds.

Toshiba America
420 Somers Road, P.O. Box 630
Ellington, CT 06029

IK-539A Camera

Camera surviellance provides an extra eye for security personnel and is widely recognized as a powerful deterrent to crime. However, the low ambient lighting found in retail outlets, warehouses, businesses and other locations makes it difficult -- if not impossible -- to capture quality video documentation. To combat this problem, Toshiba Security Products has rolled its new IK-539A, a next generation 1/3 CCD monochrome camera that is specifically designed to capture sharp video images, even in near complete darkness. Using a newly-developed chip, the Toshiba IK-539A offers a minimum subject illumination of .06 lux at F1.2, so it's capable of recording darkened events not discernible to the human eye. This ability is further enhanced by the camera's backlight compensation, as well as by its ultra-high 570-line resolution. One of the highest available in the CCTV industry, this resolution makes the camera ideal for a variety of security applications, including those not subject to the challenges of lowlighting.

Toshiba America
55 Samuel Barnet Blvd.
New Bedfore, MA 02745


Software House announced four new products in its Continental line of access control solutions. These products, which include the WinWatch security management system, CPRM card readers, and IntelliTerm and IntelliTerm II control panels, mark the beginning of a series of innovative, cost-effective solutions that will evolve from the recent merger of Software House and Continental, Inc.

The Microsoft Windows based Continental WinWatch Access Control and Alarm Monitoring system provides many of the features found in high-end integrated security management systems in a simple, easy to learn and use environment. Features include graphic map displays to enhance alarm monitoring, support for multiple card and card reader technologies, fully distributed processing, dialup communications, and a flexible report facility. Continental WinWatch also supports a remote terminal display for real-time event monitoring.

The new IntelliTerm intelligent access control and alarm monitoring panel is designed to work with the Continental WinWatch system. Many innovative design features, implemented in firmware, makes the IntelliTerm more reliable, easier to service, and less expensive to own than other intelligent field panels. IntelliTerm controls up to 8 doors and supports multiple card technologies and card formats, making it an ideal solution for single and multiple-tenant applications and for retrofitting existing systems. IntelliTerm can be used to elevator control, local anti-passback and alarm monitoring in a redundant communications configuration for high security applications.

IntelliTerm II, a 2-door version of the product, is an economical solution for remote site monitoring, parking garages, small office buildings, retail outlets and apartment complexes.

Also announced are the new Continental CPRM Series access control card readers. The CPRM Series are available for magnetic stripe, Wiegand, and proximity technologies. CPRM card readers include an optional LCD display to indicate various conditions, tactile-response keypad, and an audible alert feedback to signal such situations as invalid card, forced door, and system configuration errors. The rugged, polycarbonate, all-weather housing allows the CPRM to be installed in interior and exterior environments.

Software House, Div. of Sensormatic Electronics
1100 Winter Street
Waltham, MA 02154


Lite-A-Way is manufactured by Tri-Guards, Inc., established over 25 years ago and considered to be the industry leader in interior surface protectors among retailers.

Lite-A-Way operates from a long-life rechargeable battery drawing current from 24 vac/vdc Class2 NEC utility power line or emergency generator. Transformers can be used to convert 115 down to 24 vdc.

Lite-A-Way strobes begin flashing during power interruption or outages. Contact relays interfacing with smokedetector, fire alarm, or other security systems will also cause Lite-A-Way strobes to flash and are included as an option to enhance and integrate with the life safety protection system in buildings.

Lite-A-Way complies with ADA in 75+ candela brightness as a visual alert of emergency for handicapped persons in non-sleeping areas. Flash rate of 1/2 Hz complies with ANSI 117.1, U.L. 1971, and NFPA. Please contact manufacturer for update on 1HZ model availability.

The corner mount model, less than 1 thick, meets ADA requirements for unobtrusiveness.

Lite-A-Way is constructed of the Xenon strobe type with 3M SafeGlo phosphorescent film and parabolic light reflector that all combine for visibility of up to 300 feet, depending upon the layout of corridors. subjective independent testing in 50%+ smoke density confirmed effectiveness.

Most of the time, Lite-A-Way is Off, with utility power source energizing the rechargeable battery, resulting in a constant state of readiness in the event of emergency. When supply to the normal and/or emergency lights fails, or other relay activation from fire alarm occurs, Lite-A-Way strobes will begin flashing and illuminate the path of egress to the nearest exit or area of refuge.

Lite-A-Way complies with NFPA Life Safety and other standard codes and will operate at least 1-1/2 hours upon activation.

Tri-Guards Manufacturing
Wheeling, IL 60090

TC750 Monochrome Camera

Burle Security products introduces the TC750 Series monochrome camera with auto-focus technology to their AutoDome systems line. The TC750 Series of advanced high-velocity video tracking systems contain a high resolution 1/3-inch format full performance monochrome CCD camera with an integral 10:1 auto-iris, auto-focus, zoom lens, a high spec 360 degree pan/tilt, and on-board receiver/driver housed in an 8.5 miniaturized dome.

Compact size and high reliability design make it very quick and easy to install and is suitable for use in environmental air spaces or in an air handlinig plenum of a non-fire resistant ceiling. It can be mounted in a drop-ceiling grid, making it an effective solution to your security duty in retail, museums, malls, casinos and hotel and bank lobbies.

The dome comes in clear, tinted, gold or chrome finishes with an optional inner liner available. The stepper motor-controlled pan/tilt provides high speed camera position variability up to 120 degrees per second in the manual mode and up to 360 degrees per second on pre-position callup. Maximum positioning speed is automatically scaled for optimum viewing based on the current zoom setting. Auto-pan and 60 pre-positions are standard features, including the ability to store/recall certain camera setup functions.

Burle Security Products
1000 New Holland Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17601

TC7420 Enclosure

Burle has expanded the AutoDome Series cameras for operation in its new TC7420 Series indoor pendant mount domed enclosures and TC7440 Series outdoor pendant mount environmental domed enclosures. The indoor version makes the autoDome system ideal for retail, casinos, malls, warehouses, hotels and bank lobbies; the outdoor version is perfect for many environmental surveillance applications, including parking lots, airports, prison yards and highways. The one-piece camera, lens, pan/tilt and receiver/driver AutoDome Series is housed in a 400 mm (16) diameter tinted viewing capsusle complete with power supply; outdoor models include a heater and blower assembly.

The TC750, TC770 and TC790 Series modules are quiet, lightweight, and discreet surveillance dome systems that contain a high sensitivity 1/3 format full performance CCD camera with a 10:1 auto-iris, auto-focus zoom lens, a high-speed pan/tilt, and an intelligent, integral receiver/driver.

Burle Security Products
1000 New Holland Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17601

PA5020C & PA5027C Monitors

Philips (Burle) introduces large-sized screen monitors to their security product line. The PA5020C 20 and the PA5027C 27 color monitors/receivers offer you exceptional video performance, providing 600+ lines of resolution and allow hookup of high resolution sources such as S-VHS. These monitors/receivers make an excellent choice for CCTV surveillance applications including educational, industrial, retail, and medical installations where picture quality is imperative. The PA5020C and PA5027C feature event programming that automatically turns the set on and off. This feature also allows up to five events per day to be programmed into memory. An innovative front control lockout feature provides the ability to partially or totally lock out the controls located on the front of the set for tamper-protection. Audio/Video Muting automatically mutes both audio and video when a signal is lost. Normal operation resumes when signal is restored. An automatic power-up feature provides power to the unit after a power failure. All features are accessible with the 21 push-button remote provided with the monitor/receiver. The PA5020C and PA5027C allow larger quads when used with multiple cameras, or a single large scene for enhanced detail and description. Convenient remote controls and proven system reliability make these monitors an excellent choice for your security requirements.

Burle Security Products
1000 New Holland Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17601

TC790 Color Camera

Burle adds the TC790 Series high resolution integral color camera with auto-focus technology to their AutoDome line. The TC790 Series feature advanced high-velocity video tracking and contain a high resolution 1/3 format full performance color CCD camera with an integral 10:1 auto-iris, auto-focus, zoom lens, a high speed 360 degree pan/tilt, and on-board receiver/driver housed in an 8.5 miniaturized dome. The TC790 all-in-one dome surveillance system is quiet, lightweight, and discreet. The small, compact size and high reliability design make it very quick and easy to install and is suitable for use in environmental air spaces or in an air handling plenum of a non-fre resistant ceiling. It can be mounted in a drop celing grid, making it an effective solution to your security duty in retail, museums, malls, casinos and hotel and bank lobbies.

Burle Security Products
1000 New Holland Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17601

Environmental Maximum Security Housing

Vicon Industries Inc. presents the V896MSH Maximum Security Housing. the V896MSH fills the need for a secure ceiling-mounted camera housing for high-risk applications.

Constructed of high-strength ten-gauge welded steel and a Lexan viewing window with a double-acting locking system and concealed ultra-heavy-duty hinges, the V896MSH is capable of withstanding the most serious attempts of criminal or physical violence. Its high resistance to vandalism, coupled with its outdoor environmental design, make this maximum security housing perfect for parking garages, prisons, and sensitive installations not under constant patrol coverage.

Environmental all-weather design is standard; the V896MSH is equally at home indoors or outdoors. an optional thermostatically-controlled heater insures a clear viewing window in the worst conditions. A wall mount is offered for pole or exterior wall mounting, increasing the utility of the unit.

Vicon Industries Inc., listed on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol VII, designs, manufactures and markets a broad line of products used in integrated video surveillance systems. Vicon's product line consists of cameras, a full line of lenses, monitors, mounting accessories, remote positioning devices, VCRs, consoles, and desk-top systems. The company's products are used in a variety of surveillance, security, safety, and control applications, in banks, gaming casinos, traffic control, hospitals,retailing, multiple commercial and industrial installations, etc.

Vicon Industries, Inc.
525 Broad Hollow Rd.
Melville, NY 11747

N-650 Control Panel

Northern Computer's N-650 control panel features access control plus an integrated 16-zone security system. The N-650 controls entry of up to 8 doors for as many as 500 users. The N-650 has keypad operation and a built-in digital communicator for easy installation and operation. Access is granted by code, card or a combination of both. Access can be restricted to one or more doors with access profiles that define groups of users to specific times of day and days of the week. With the powerful capabilities of a big system, the compact N-650 is built for the needs of smaller businesses such as retail, small plants and dormitories. Features include: supports 26-bit Wiegand or proximity cards and readers; 32 time schedules and 16 holiday dates; LCD touchpad for programming and operation; daylight savings time adjustment; optional remote programming and local printer support.

Northern Computers
5007 S. Howell Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53207