Cernium Corp., Reston, Va., a developer of real-time video behavior recognition software, has partnered with Sonitrol, a provider of verified electronic security solutions, to evaluate an analytics-enabled solution for enhanced alarm verification in a market test. The technology solution combines Cernium’s P-Core video analytics engine with existing CCTV to enhance incident authentication and reduce false alarms.

“Sonitrol’s verified audio and video technology has helped police apprehend over 158,000 suspects since 1977, and we have the lowest false dispatch rate in the industry,” said Gregg Groenemann, vice president of marketing for Sonitrol. “Incorporating video analytics to enhance the verification capabilities in our SonaVision monitored video solution is a logical step for Sonitrol. Everything we have seen of Cernium’s P-Core solution has been impressive so we are excited about evaluating their technology.”

P-Core technology allows surveillance cameras to differentiate between common false alarm triggers such as blowing leaves and a real alarm threat such as the presence of a person. P-Core can also recognize certain patterns of behavior, including lurking individuals, people in restricted areas, and slow-moving or stopped vehicles. Deployed in conjunction with a monitoring service such as Sonitrol’s, the technology can help determine whether an alarm warrants immediate attention or is false based on the behaviors taking place.

“With verified response laws becoming increasingly prevalent across the nation, monitoring services need fast, accurate capabilities to distinguish situations that require immediate intervention from those that don’t,” said Phil Robertson, Cernium’s vice president of corporate development. “Using a combination of video monitoring and analytics to view a location and see what type of activity is occurring goes a long way towards ensuring a fast response and helping to reduce false alarms.”

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