Bosch Security Systems Inc. released Video Recording Manager (VRM) for centralized management of iSCSI recording from IP cameras and encoders within an IP-based CCTV network. Bosch’s VRM signals the arrival of the second-generation of IP network video recording technology, replacing first-generation network video recorders (NVRs). With the introduction of VRM, Bosch adds system-wide recording management for its direct-to-iSCSI RAID storage, which enables IP cameras and encoders to stream directly to disk. VRM pools all iSCSI RAIDs in a system and, after dividing the total capacity into one Gigabyte storage blocks, allocates storage on demand to IP cameras and encoders. The software acts as a “traffic cop” by helping to distribute video across the various iSCSI disk arrays on the customer’s network. The software also facilitates fast searches, as it provides a database for recordings and metadata.Bosch Security Systems Inc.

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