Stanley Security Solutions announced two social media initiatives through the launching of a new blog and Twitter handle. 

The newly inaugurated blog called “Security Speaks” aims to serve as a place of knowledge for the security and healthcare industries with content provided and updated by a team of subject matter experts. The blog’s authors, from both industries, will engage and interact with readers to provide expertise and knowledge within their respective fields. 

The new Twitter handle “StanleySec” will serve as a medium to engage fans of the security industry to discuss recent news, share advice and answer security–related questions. Both initiatives were designed to help increase Stanley Security Solutions’ presence in the corporate social media arena and create additional opportunities to have more meaningful conversations with consumers and global security professionals. 

“Social media has created new opportunities to engage with our consumers and other security professionals,” stated Roger Spee, vice president of marketing and communications. “We are excited about the blog and Twitter handle and look forward to the conversations we will have with the Security Solutions employees, customers and other security fans.” 

Graham McIntyre, project manager of Social Media Initiatives for Stanley Security Solutions, commented, “We are using our own subject matter experts to provide insight into the industry, not typically something that larger companies do. And, this blog and the Twitter handle allow the experts at Stanley Security Solutions to interact on a more personal level with our consumers and overall global fan base.”