The Acadian Access program enables Acadian’s dealers to provide their own hosted or managed access control service to their customers. 

Dealers and integrators seeking to offer customers a cost-effective, easy-to-manage access control service can now to turn to Acadian Monitoring Services and its Acadian Access program. Acadian Access is a hosted and/or managed access control solution offered from Acadian Monitoring Services’ UL-listed central station network. Acadian Access offers customers a secure, efficient single-door to multi-door electronic access control solution without having to invest in head-end architecture or additional computers and software at the customer location to manage the system.

Acadian Monitoring Services integrates with HID EDGE and VertX technology to address access control and security management needs ranging from small, remote facilities to large campuses/complexes.

Traditional access control systems require the installation of a dedicated computer and access control software at the user’s location, an expense and an upfront investment that requires the user to learn how to use the software to set schedules, create door groups, add and delete users to the access control database, run reports, initiate database backups and provide management of the access control system. Acadian Access eliminates these requirements and provides its customers a secure facility without having to develop access control expertise.

“The Acadian Access service is something that we believe makes us unique in the central station industry,” said Kenny Savoie, director of operations for Acadian Monitoring Services. “This is an ideal solution for a business that does not want heavy upfront costs and does not have the time or resources to learn and manage a new system. From the dealer or integrator perspective, it is yet another RMR channel offered by Acadian that allows our customers to differentiate and better brand themselves in the marketplace, while realizing new revenues through a new hosted solution.”

Gary Larson, president of AMT Inc., said his company is “excited to be part of this Software as a Service (SaaS) program. The Acadian Access program eliminates software installation and hardware configuration, making it easy for Acadian’s dealers to provide their own hosted or managed access control service.”

The only requirements of the dealer and end user, Savoie explained, are the door hardware and readers. “The dealer will utilize the head-end architecture established by Acadian. The dealer then will establish a link on its own website, with customers using the Acadian view portal, but branded with the dealer’s logo, to gain entry into the access control database servers. All access control programming, cardholder changes and report generation are initiated via a web browser from any internet-connected PC. With this web browser access control service, the dealer can offer its customers two optional access control services, hosted or managed.”

In addition to a hosted or managed service, Acadian has the ability remotely monitor any door with an associated camera for any alarm or security breach condition.

Daniel Weiss, director sales and marketing at Internal Control Systems Texas, is an Acadian Access dealer and stated, “The hosted access solutions Acadian is offering is simplistic and cost effective, making it attractive in smaller access control markets. We have been able to generate real RMR through the Acadian solution, which now opens up customers to us who were not real candidates for electronic access control before.”

Acadian Monitoring Services’ alarm center is a UL-listed central station that has achieved Five Diamond certification from CSAA and also holds a UL 2050 certification.

Contributed by Acadian Monitoring Services