Whether you have no video, no audio, or intermittent audio and video from your HDMI system, the HD Sleuth from AudioControl helps get results fast. Designed to solve headaches of complex digital audio/video systems, the HD Sleuth controls the troubleshooting process to give answers and not rely on the luck of trial and error. 

"We advise a lot of installers on getting HDMI systems to work correctly," said Tom Walker, AudioControl president. "As a U.S. manufacturer of HDMI extenders and repeaters, as well as home theater receivers and pre-amps, we are looked to for our expertise in troubleshooting intricate installations. Now we have captured that expertise in this smartphone application."

The HD Sleuth is really three apps in one. One section is for problems of no video, while a second section addresses no audio and the third is for the frustrating problem of intermittent audio and video. With the HD Sleuth, the user gets to the core of the problem and finds solutions quickly.

The AudioControl HD Sleuth is currently available at the Apple store for $3.99. More information is available at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hd-sleuth/id393393371?mt=8 or www.audiocontrol.com.