Providing its customers with training is a high priority for ADI, Melville, N.Y., on both a local and national level. ADI sponsored the CEDIA Learning Labs, which gave attendees hands-on experiences with the latest technology at this year’s CEDIA EXPO 2008 in Denver, Colo.

The CEDIA Learning Labs that ADI hosted allowed dealers to test the newest products. Three distinct full-featured rooms were equipped with the latest technology. Each Learning Lab was connected to one of seven courses from CEDIA University’s Electronic Systems Technician (EST) College. More than 600 electronic systems technicians took advantage of the classrooms and hands-on courses.

The dealers who attended CEDIA also had the opportunity to participate in ADI’s third annual customer appreciation celebration, held at the Mile High Station. More than 30 leading manufacturers sponsored the event.

ADI provides numerous opportunities throughout the year to express appreciation, and help dealers remain competitive in the market. Many local branch-specific events also provide dealers with regionally targeted training.

“ADI’s commitment to training is second to none and we are dedicated to providing valuable educational opportunities at both the national and regional level. Training is an area that is important to us and it shows in everything we offer. Technology is ever changing and we want to ensure we are providing dealers with the tools they need to stay ahead and win new business in a competitive market,” John Sullivan, vice president of sales, ADI, said.

Sullivan points out that local events, like the ADI Audio/Video Expo held in Elk Grove Village, Ill., are created to meet demands of an individual region, and allow dealers to spend time focusing on a specific product area of interest to them.

“Audio/video is successful here in this region, and the sales teams make the decisions on what events and training to hold based on dealer feedback, and their needs in that given market.

“At an event like the ADI Audio/Video Expo, dealers get detailed training on a specific product category that not only focuses on the available solutions, but also on all supporting products from other categories. It becomes a logical process of how various solutions work together. At a trade show or a larger event, it can be overwhelming since solutions are scattered, and dealers may not get the necessary hands-on training.

“We try to provide the training and tools necessary to help dealers install solutions across multiple product categories in both residential and commercial applications,” Sullivan said.