Vector Security, Pittsburgh, Pa., has its first branch in New York state. Hammond Security, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., founded in 1968 by industry veteran Mac Hammond, was acquired by Vector. This acquisition, which was officially closed Dec. 31, 2010, added more than 5,000 accounts, 40 employees and its first N.Y. State-based branch to Vector Security. 

Hammond_sec_sign_articlePamela Petrow, Vector Security’s president and chief executive officer, commented that Hammond Security’s culture, management philosophy, customer base and regional community involvement match Vector’s philosophies and assured both companies of a smooth transition. “They are a family-run organization and they were concerned about employees as well as customers,” Petrow said. “They know Vector’s reputation as far as our history of retaining employees when it makes sense. Their people are staying. They’re secure in knowing we’ll take good care of them.” 

Since Mac Hammond founded the company, the Hammond family remained deeply involved in their business. As Kim Sears, daughter of the company’s founder and Hammond’s vice president, indicated, maintaining a high-quality reputation is even more important when your family’s name is on the door. “When the company’s name and your personal name is the same on your business card, customer satisfaction takes on a new dimension.” Sears, who will take responsibility for leading Vector’s new N.Y. State branch as general manager, said that the future will be bright for Hammond’s varied customer base. “Our customers can be assured that the great personal level of service they have received over the past 40-odd years will be preserved, maintained and increased through our new association with Vector Security.”

Hammond’s location and penetration in the N.Y. market was a significant incentive for Vector, Petrow commented. “We did a lot of work over the Pennsylvania border and New Jersey border into New York. But we did not have a N.Y. physical location. [The merger] really works out because of who their customer base is. And it will help expand Vector’s presence in the state.” Hammond’s customers include homes, businesses, banks and local landmarks. Petrow also stated that Hammond Security is “operated by talented people, servicing quality customers in a great market.” 


Petrow highlighted to SDM e-News that Vector Security is still very much in the acquisition market and will continue to look for opportunities and make acquisitions into 2011 and beyond. She added that while there are specific target areas the company will look to expand to, it will evaluate all kinds of companies for the best-fitting opportunities.

According to Petrow, “It is essential to find companies whose service levels and customer values closely match our own. While we have built our company, in part, to embrace the rapid changes this industry and its various markets have undergone and will continue to undergo in the future, we have not departed from the core philosophy that long-term customer relationships are the root of our continued success.” 

Customer stability and long-term service are also important to both Petrow and Sears. Sears pointed out that, “We built our company to provide a continually expanding level of security services to our customers. The result is that our customers view us as a one-stop-shop for all their needs, and can continue to do so.” That viewpoint is supported by the fact that Hammond has been recommended by its customers to their children and relatives. “We have been fortunate enough to serve the next generation of our initial customer base. As their sons and daughters grew up and purchased their own homes and businesses, we became part of their lives too!”

Jim Steining, district vice president, is looking forward to Vector Security’s association with Hammond Security. “With the retention of almost the entire Hammond staff, the voices and faces of our service delivery to Hammond’s customers will remain the same; as will our commitment to delivering the same level of service excellence.” Hammond’s central station services will also remain local, providing high-end alarm monitoring services to the area’s customers. Steining said he is looking forward to working with Sears to grow and expand into new markets and specialty niches in the Hudson Valley area.