In response to customer requests for a larger version of the Ready® Firestop Grommet, Specified Technologies Inc. introduced the RFG2 grommet with double the capacity of the original RFG1. Designed to seal low-voltage cables with max 0.53 in. (14 mm) OD, the new grommet is a clean, easy and affordable alternative to firestop caulk, putty, or sleeves for cable penetrations in fire-rated walls. The enlarged RFG2 grommet accommodates a greater number of smaller cables or a larger single cable. “When installing multiple cables, the RFG2 represents a 25 percent savings over the smaller RFG1 and cuts the number of openings required in half,” explained Jim Stahl at STI. It is ideal for running two CAT 6 cables, or single RG-59/18-2 Siamese cables for CCTV video signals. “Just drill a hole, run the cable, snap the grommet around the cables and press it into the wall,” Stahl said.

Specified Technologies Inc. (STI)
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