Networking and wireless — two elements growing in home system use as well as based on ever evolving technologies — are at the heart of new educational effort from Holland, Mich.-based Bedrock Learning.

A well-known connected home and commercial training provider, the firm introduced a new series of advanced courses featuring detailed technical training. “Network Security and Protection” and “Wireless Networks and Mobile Devices” are for professional electronic system contractors (ESC). The 90-minute online courses help equip ESCs with technical expertise and the industry’s latest and best practices to immediately implement in the field.

According to Helen Heneveld, Bedrock Learning’s president, the online courses offer the benefit of accessing the materials from any location at a time that is most convenient.

Among the course details:

“Network Security and Protection” provides up-to-date methods to protect networks from security threats such as hackers and malicious code. Specific topics include routers versus firewalls, types and features of firewalls, and securing the network when multiple devices are connected. Virtual private networks are covered, including hardware, software and examples. Students will also learn how monitoring traffic on the network helps identify the unwanted and malicious.

“Wireless Networks and Mobile Devices” details different aspects of wireless networks including standards, speed, bandwidth use and how these play out in the real world. Students learn how to install wireless networks, including layout and wireless application protocol or WAP placement, wireless bridge use, configuration and troubleshooting performance. Instructions on securing the wireless net include recommended security actions when configuring both the network and wireless devices, along with providing a so-called guest network. Additionally, setting up mobile devices on the network is presented for numerous devices such as Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft, WebOS and others. 

There is testing at the end of each of the $79 per person courses.

Bedrock Learning, by the way, will display at CEDIA EXPO.