Raytheon Company’s Network Centric Systems, McKinney, Texas, combined its existing security solutions and civil communications businesses as part of a new product line to increase its focus on opportunities in public safety markets.

The new product line, Security and Transportation Systems (STS), will facilitate an even stronger presence in public safety markets through cross-selling capabilities to commercial and government customers and by enabling the development of new technologies and products to meet changing market needs, the company said.

STS includes two major public safety focus areas. The first is security solutions, with an emphasis on critical infrastructure protection, including ports and airports, border protection and other needs served by the ClearViewTM family of security management systems.

The second area is interoperable communications networks and the equipment that allows first responders to communicate with one another in an emergency. The air traffic management business, which helps safely control more than 60 percent of the world’s airspace, will also be part of STS.

“We see increased opportunities to serve the public safety market more effectively through this new alignment,” said Network Centric Systems president Daniel Crowley.

“The change further reinforces our commitment to being a leader in public safety,” he said. “We have discriminating capabilities in sensing, communications, and command and control — plus the system integration skills to bring these capabilities together in a wide array of applications.”

The new product line will be led by Michael Prout, who has been with Raytheon for more than two decades and has substantial experience in transportation systems, air traffic management and technology development.