Davis Group website

Let Your Website Show Your True Colors


The Davis Group, aka the Greybeards, has offered consulting services to the alarm industry for nearly 40 years. If there are two things the group’s website isn’t lacking, they are insight and personality — much like the Davis Group itself. Creating a website that matches the style and mission of a company isn’t always easy, but this company has achieved just that by keeping things simple and playing to its strengths. An “Articles & Ideas” page offers an impressive collection of business articles by the Davis Group and industry publications. It offers articles on management best practices to market analysis. The Davis Group has long had a reputation for driving advancement through education in the alarm industry, especially for SMBs. And on its website, it shows.



Toshiba Security website

Website Redesign: More, Now


Websites today have less and less time to make a good impression. Key, detailed information needs to be available and available faster. This was the focus of Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video’s website redesign. One of the site’s key features is an Interactive IP Camera Accessory Selector. The selector allows customers to instantly view, compare and shop for accessories to maximize the performance of Toshiba IP cameras, such as lenses, mounts and environmental enclosures.




iPad App Creates Custom Layouts


MyOptex, a project layout application for the iPad from Optex Inc., allows users to take their services outside of the office and onto the job site, reducing the usual turnaround time for a custom layout. With a simple interactive menu that includes all of Optex’s outdoor photobeams and passive infrared detectors, users can drag and drop to-scale detection patterns onto a satellite image of the job site. Along with Optex sales representatives, a dealer can help an end user visualize exactly what on his property Optex sensors will be protecting. Users can also create an itemized list of products and email it from the field.



My Total Connect

Total Connect 2.0 for Android


Honeywell’s new application for Android devices lets users control their security systems and view live, streaming video from anywhere. This version is the latest application of Honeywell’s popular Total Connect™ 2.0 Remote Services, which allows consumers to utilize the Internet, smartphones, cameras and more to stay connected to their homes and businesses wherever they are. The new icon-based user interface allows users to control security system keypad functions and video viewing with the tap of a finger. Total Connect™ 2.0 subscribers can download the app for free in the Android Market.