Gigabit switch

GarrettCom Inc. introduced its first Gigabit-only switch with 16 combo ports for copper and/or fiber ports and optional Layer 3 switching software. With Layer 3 switching capability, based on high-performance routing using Layer 3 addressing information, the Magnum 12KX Gigabit managed switch will route large amounts of data in applications using complex networking techniques such as VLANs or multicast routing strategies. The GarrettCom Magnum 12KX Gigabit managed switch can be used in combination with Magnum 10KT managed switches and Magnum 10ETS managed terminal servers to allow network architects to create industrial networks, encompassing features such as precision time synchronization, high-availability Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices, serial and Ethernet connectivity, and routing flexibility. The Magnum 12KX switch is substation hardened and able to withstand industrial environments with high EMI, extended temperature range, and significant atmospheric contamination.

GarrettCom Inc.

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