Linear LLC, Carlsbad, Calif., a supplier of electronic products for a host of residential and commercial applications, re-organized its outside sales representatives into the new System Sales Group. 

Customers now have a single point of contact for all of Linear’s products and brands. Linear made the move to further dedicate resources to customer growth. “The single-representative model will allow us to work even more closely with customers, understanding and supporting their market’s needs,” said Larry Foisie, vice president of the System Sales Group. Foisie, a 20-year veteran at Linear, was formerly the vice president of Linear Entry Systems.

Todd Hokunson, formerly Linear’s vice president of Electronic Systems, was concurrently named vice president of the Business Development Group, which includes Linear’s international sales, and custom OEM/ODM manufacturing services. 

“This team has the critical task of developing strategic relationships with large customers who can add significant growth to our business. These will be customers that have unique requirements that we can address through customized or private label solutions, whether it be products, services, or any range of other capabilities,” said Mike O’Neal, president of Linear.

With responsibilities for the expanded product line, Linear’s sales staff has been undergoing intensive training during the last several months, and is fully equipped to guide customers in all areas, the company stated.