Digital Watchdog’s DW Mobile Pro client app for Apple iOS is available on the Apple App Store. The app works seamlessly with Digital Watchdog’s DW Spectrum IPVMS and VMAX DVRs/NVRs. It allows users to view, play back, set up, record and control one or multiple surveillance systems simultaneously from their smartphones and tablets. It has a 30-day free trial followed by a paid subscription of $1.99 per month. The app allows users to control their entire security system. They can also remotely monitor multiple sites with support for unlimited sites. The pro version supports simultaneous live and playback monitoring, bookmark setup and search, short video exporting in AVI format, and instant YouTube video export uploads. Users can also control PTZ cameras, have up to 128 cameras open at a time, drag and drop camera layout and reordering, and capture image snapshots.

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