AMAG Technology and Communications Engineering Company (CEC), a systems and technology integrator, are partnering to bring CEC customers an affordable access control solution with straightforward interfaces.

 “AMAG is a growing access control company, and its solutions will be a great addition to CEC’s product portfolio,” said Randy Montelius, vice president of engineering at CEC.

“AMAG is very excited to have CEC representing its products in Iowa and Wisconsin,” said Greg Love, regional sales manager for AMAG Technology. “CEC’s technology expertise, coupled with AMAG’s breadth of integrated product offerings, will be a great benefit to end users by allowing them to manage their security installations more effectively and efficiently.”

According to the companies, when access control solutions from AMAG Technology are paired with CEC’s system designs, installation services, and technology professionals, end users will receive intelligent, easy-to-use security solutions that can scale from one facility to an entire district or campus.

Products from AMAG Technology provide fully integrated security solutions throughout the world, protecting everything from small offices and schools to large multi-national organizations and high-security government facilities. The company has been serving and protecting customers for over 40 years, delivering more than 30,000 systems across 110 countries.