Pelco by Schneider Electric, Clovis, Calif., is now offering expedited one-day shipping on its most popular video security products and has implemented a no-questions-asked return policy with a 90-day window to return products with no restocking fees.

“Pelco understands the economy has changed,” shared Herve Fages, senior vice president of global product marketing at Pelco by Schneider Electric, in an interview with SDM. “Business is not the same as it was 10 years ago. This company is focused on the customer, and as the economy has changed, so have the needs of dealers. Time and execution remain critical, but money is tight. Long-lead shipping times and restocking fees hit dealer’s bottom line, and these changes from Pelco address those business challenges.”

Quick delivery and the ability to return product with no questions asked gives dealers the flexibility they need, Fages added. Previously, there was a 10 percent restocking fee, but customers were making it very clear they didn’t want to pay it. “We saw the increase in 'Product Failed' returns on perfectly good product, and knew customers were trying to go around the restocking fee. We had two options. First, we could decide to reinforce the restocking fee, or we could change our policy to reflect customers’ changing needs for more flexibility with product. We chose to give them the peace of mind to order what they need, when they need it, and then return it if needed without any questions asked — raising the bar in terms of customer service and support,” Fages said.

The new guarantees assure on-demand product availability as compared to the industry standard three-business-day shipment, which is key for security professionals, allowing them to better control inventory and react to changing business needs at a moment’s notice without being penalized by fees, Pelco by Schneider Electric said in a press release.

Pelco by Schneider Electric made significant investments in its supply chain to ensure that its top-selling and most popular Pelco video products and systems will always be available for shipment within one business day of order confirmation.

The company also capitalized on size and economy of scale offered by Schneider Electric after being acquired.

“There is power in a large organization like Schneider Electric and instant benefits to operating under its umbrella. We’re passing on those benefits to our dealers,” Fages said.

Pelco by Schneider Electric’s most demanded products and systems are included under the one-day shipping guarantee. For U.S. customers, if an order isn’t shipped within this timeframe, Pelco will issue a credit for ground shipping costs. Additionally, in the coming months, Pelco by Schneider Electric will continually monitor industry logistics requests to ensure that customers, dealers, integrators and distributors can get the Pelco products that they need when they need them.

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