The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) and Installation Quality (IQ) Certification Program awarded HS Technology Group with the 2011 Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ). This award is given each year and honors alarm installing and monitoring businesses for creating best practices that help prevent false alarm dispatches.

“What makes HS Technology unique is that it utilizes a third-party monitoring service,” SIAC executive director Stan Martin said. “Working with that provider, HS Technology demonstrates a superior practice of following up with new customers and those customers with previous dispatches in order to improve education and reduce the number of unnecessary dispatches.”

HS Technology Group centered on its Baltimore region, where it posted a dispatch rate of 0.18 during 2011. “In the past three years, HS Technology’s false alarm dispatch rate never exceeded 0.19”, according to Steve Haggemann, manager for the Baltimore County Government’s False Alarm Reduction Section. “In effect, this means that HS Technology’s customers, on average, experience a false alarm less than once every five years.”