Asserting that the long-term viability of a control system is only as good as the learning resources that stand behind it, ELAN Home Systems of Carlsbad, Calif., used CEDIA EXPO 2012 to outline a completely revamped ELAN U online learning portal. It calls for a total online, multi-purpose learning resource that offers self-paced automated courses, student record-keeping administration tools, 24/7 forum access, a searchable database of every ELAN knowledge asset, and syncing to the ELAN g!tools software administration tool.

Entirely new and revamped curriculum of courses will cover every basic aspect of the g! system. The new training also eliminates the traditional need for a first day “face-to-face” training session, which means that ESCs can begin online learning program quickly and at no travel cost to them. There is a search engine that allows learners to immediately access all product information, integration notes, related training and marketing images, as well as up-to-the-minute technical alerts and access to the firm’s technical forum.

ELAN also introduced its g!Mobile app for Android devices, built on its new software architecture. The advance makes it much easier and faster for ESCs to integrate new features and graphical user interface enhancements.

The approach manages a single GUI that provides a consistent interface with full functionality and animations on every g! user interface device including computers, ELAN HR2 remotes and TS in-wall touch screens, iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets.