AXIS M3007-PV (left) and AXIS M3007-P (right) offer an attractively-priced indoor 360/180-deg panoramic surveillance solution.

Axis Communications, Chelmsford, Mass., released a line of competitively priced 360-deg fixed mini dome cameras equipped with a 5 megapixel sensor to provide high-quality, 360- or 180-deg panoramic views of wide indoor areas.

The AXIS M3007-PV and AXIS M3007-P Network Cameras are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for capturing wide overviews for detecting incidents and tracking the flow of people. Axis says the cameras are ideally suited for retail, hotels, schools and offices.

For 360-deg overviews, the cameras can be mounted on ceilings, and for 180-deg panoramic views, they can be mounted on walls. The AXIS M3007-P is highly discreet, and the AXIS M3007-PV is vandal resistant. Both include technology that provides 360-deg overviews in 5 megapixel resolution and “de-warps” horizontal panoramic views and single-stream quad views on-board for easy viewing. Quad view is suitable for situations such as positioning at the intersection of corridors.

Traditionally, the 360-deg image generated by ceiling-mounted cameras is circular, so adapting it to fit into a rectangular view that causes the image’s horizontal and vertical lines to appear curved (referred to a “fisheye” or “barreling” effect). By de-warping these images digitally, these new cameras produce a clearer, more detailed image that can be viewed in panoramic or quad-view format. The cameras also allow users to digitally pan, tilt and zoom in on specific areas of interest within the panoramic or 360-deg view.

The AXIS M3007-P and M3007-PV are the latest additions to the company’s M30 camera line of dome cameras. Like others in the line, the M30007-PV is vandal- and dust-resistant. Equipped with a different outer shell than other M30 cameras, the M3007-P features no cover on its lens, giving it the appearance of a smoke detector and allowing it to discreetly blend into any room.

To shorten installation time, AXIS M3007-PV/P cameras come focused at delivery and are fitted with a 6.6-foot network cable that supports power over Ethernet, eliminating the need for additional cables and reducing installation costs. To reduce storage costs, the cameras can sent multiple streams in H.264 and motion JPEG simultaneously. Built-in microSDHC card slots allow several days of recording to be stored locally on a memory card. When used together with the free AXIS Camera Companion client, users can affordably and remotely view and manage IP video surveillance for up to 16 cameras per site.

Suggested retail prices for AXIS M3007-PV and AXIS M3007-P are $649 and $599, respectively, and the cameras will be available for order in the fourth quarter of this year.

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