Mini-Domes & Telephoto LensAmerican Dynamics, part of Tyco Security Products, announced several additions to its Illustra line of IP cameras with the introduction of the Illustra 210 and 610LT mini-domes, and the addition of a Theia telephoto lens for the Illustra 600/610 mini-domes. The Illustra 210 mini-domes offer standard-definition (SD) resolution, and include face detection, auto-focus and motorized zoom. The indoor mini-dome comes with a UL plenum-rated mount and features a built-in heater ring that prevents condensation buildup. The Illustra 610LT model is an indoor high-definition camera that offers 1080p HD and includes an auto-focus and motorized zoom lens and recessed plenum-rated mount to meet indoor environmental standards. The Theia telephoto lens fits with the company’s Illustra 600 and 610 mini-domes, and helps customers avoid the need for “trenching.” Used either indoors or outdoors, the 9–40 mm lens magnifies faraway objects for unobstructed views.

American Dynamics