Using a combination of SmarterFence and SmarterBeam solutions from SmarterSecurity, systems, integrator MidCo Inc. was able to secure the 10,000-foot perimeter for a Midwest solar farm, allowing the remote facility to be unmanned periodically.


With a nearly 10,000-foot perimeter to secure at its newly constructed solar farm in the Midwest, an independent power producer turned to SmarterFence and SmarterBeam solutions from SmarterSecurity Inc. Systems integrator MidCo Inc. took on the task of installing the solutions to help secure the owner’s investment and operations from intruders to allow the site to be routinely unmanned.

“We considered alternative technologies, but SmarterFence was the most cost-effective solution for this particular application that would meet the customer’s needs and offer complete perimeter detection,” said Kelly Sullivan, account executive for MidCo. “The end user has been very pleased with the performance of the systems from Smarter Security, and MidCo Inc. found the company to be very helpful and easy to work with throughout the purchase and installation process.”

SmarterFence fiber-optic sensor cable was installed along the fence line and connected to six dual-zone processors to establish 12 security zones on the perimeter. SmarterBeam CLR500 was installed to protect the sliding gate that provides vehicle access to the facility. MidCo also installed two long-range PTZ cameras, which respond to an alarm from SmarterFence or SmarterBeam by panning to that particular zone and zooming in to give remote operators a view of what caused the alarm; verified threats are handled by local law enforcement. This security allows the solar farm in a remote area to operate with no one on site.

“Renewable energy is an important part of our country’s future and national security, and we are pleased to work with MidCo Inc. and this power producer to secure its solar generation facility,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security. “SmarterFence is an ideal solution for upgrading the security of this customer’s fence to assist in eliminating costly disruptions in its ability to deliver on its power agreements. Both Smarter Security solutions easily integrate with other security technologies to provide actionable intelligence which enables rapid and proper responses to threats.”

SmarterFence is a fence-mounted fiber optic intrusion detection system that intelligently alarms any attempt to cut, climb, or lift a perimeter fence. It is well-suited for power and utility applications as it is not affected by lightning or other electromagnetic interference. SmarterBeam CLR500 is a passive infrared motion detector designed for harsh outdoor environments and detects intrusions in a range of up to 500 feet. Two other models of SmarterBeam offer similar protection for different coverage areas.