SecuraTrac, Hermosa Beach, Calif., a provider of mobile health and safety solutions, announced an agreement with MAS, Costa Mesa, Calif., provider of MASterMind, a security automation software platform. Through the agreement, SecuraTrac’s ReliaTrac mobile health and safety platform will be integrated with the MASterMind security platform delivering a full-service monitoring and tracking solution to the mobile safety (mSafety) and mobile health (mHealth) markets.  

“The mHealth and mSafety markets are in their infancy,” said Chris Holbert, chief executive officer of SecuraTrac, “And advances in technology and agreements that bring two proven and powerful systems together will drive increased adoption for thousands of customers in a variety of security markets.  Ultimately, our solutions become easier to adopt and implement domestically and internationally.”

MAS integration with ReliaTrac, offering mSafety and mHealth capabilities, will be available beginning July 8,2013 and will be compatible with 6.30.01(Build 4 or higher) 6.32.01 (Build 2 or higher).

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