Protection 1, Chicago, a full service business and home security company, won the award for “Greatest Job Creating a Culture that Inspires World-Class Excellence” at the Call Center Week Awards, part of the 14th Annual Call Center Week June 10-14, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nev. The company also finished second to Discover in the category of “Best Performance Acting on Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Social Customer.”

Organized by the International Quality & Productivity Center, Call Center Week is the largest, most comprehensive call center event in the world, Protection 1 said. Protection 1 chief marketing and customer experience officer Jamie Haenggi also spoke during the conference’s main event on June 12 about ensuring a clear and consistent message about the customer experience.  

“I’m extremely honored and excited to have been invited to speak,” said Haenggi. “At Protection 1, we believe the passion of our employees and getting their commitment to give discretionary effort — the extra effort not required by the company that truly comes from the heart — is what makes our culture unique. I was thrilled by the engagement of the crowd and the feedback from several respected companies that are impressed with what Protection 1 call centers are doing.”

Protection 1 has more than 70 locations and works to ensure the company thinks and acts like one team in delivering outstanding customer service. Leadership believes that setting high expectations inspires employees to achieve their best, and that demanding yet caring environments are ideal.