Just like the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz, when it comes to lighting control so many things out there can be intimidating. But don’t falter, it’s time to be brave and embrace the connected world of control.

The Internet of Things has arrived and all of those “things” are getting connected, especially in the home. Convergence is happening and security companies are expanding their offerings with home entry via keyless locks and energy management. These new offerings revenues and grow profits. By adding monitoring of “things” and remote access through mobile devices for status and control, monthly recurring revenue increases, again boosting ongoing revenues and profits. Be aware, there’s another category to consider offering and that’s lighting control of natural and artificial light.

Artificial Lighting Control = Switches, Plug-In Modules and More

One of the biggest market opportunities in 2014 is lighting control. Reliable, affordable and easy-to-install products are now available. Not much is needed to delight your customers:  provide control, both automatic and manual of a few key lighting loads with proven products and you’ll be their hero. Consider lighting the walkway up to the house, the entry/foyer area, a few lights to give the “lived-in” look, and landscape lighting to accent the home.  With quick installation of plug-in modules and control of these lights, you’ve improved safety in and outside the home, deterred burglars who now think someone is home and enhanced the home’s appearance.  It’s time to learn about the many options for artificial lighting control, from easy-to-install plug-in modules, to replacing light switches and low-voltage wiring.

Natural Lighting Control = Shades, Drapes, Blinds, Awnings and More

Often overlooked, motorized window treatments can be a great option to add to your portfolio of control offerings. These motorized items can accent a room, provide protection from the sun, keep inquiring eyes away and deliver darkness or daylight at the touch of a button. Interacting with the builder, interior designer and sometimes the electrician, strong working relationships and complementary business partnerships often emerge. Set a goal to learn about the different types of window treatments and control, from easy-to-install battery powered units to custom curved drapery rods. There are many numerous types of applications for the home and office and now is the time to offer the new opportunities in artificial and natural lighting control. Get out there and share the benefits, partner with other trades, make the design process easy and fun, and most important, provide a delightful customer experience.

Controlling lighting and motorized window treatments not only creates a more comfortable life, but it also saves energy and lowers utility bills! With lighting control as part of your offerings, you can offer another simple and easy solution for energy savings and opened the door for additional lighting control in the future.

Would you like to get organized and offer lighting control and motorized window treatments?

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Next month we’ll take a look at IoT, Internet of Things, the IoE, Internet of Everything, examining how they differ and what the future holds as connectivity continues to dominate.