Hikvision USA, City of Industry, Calif.,partnered with VoloForce to develop what it described as an industry-first retail brand surveillance software. It addresses the problem of consumers walking out of a store without purchasing due to failed in-store execution.

Real Cadence by VoloForce provides assistance with scheduled and automatic tasks strategic to a company’s global brand execution through employee actions. Real Cadence enables retail brand owners to see their checklists and brand processes come to life through its app-based software, described Hikvision USA.

“We needed a global partner that not only provided hardware but also provided an effective, reliable solution for our retail customers,” said Paul Zsebedics, CEO of VoloForce. “Hikvision is that partner, providing us with a full line of end-to-end video solutions that are not only cost-effective for our customers, but that also reduce significant cost in installations through a best-in-class NVR with a built-in POE switch.”

With the integration of Hikvision’s line of IP cameras and embedded recording solutions, VoloForce gives management insight into individual retail locations by mapping video to zones and sections that allow brand owners to not only to see how their brand strategy is being executed, but to also see when it was executed. Real Cadence helps organizations elevate their brands while significantly reducing cost by eliminating the need for regional managers to drive from location to location.

For information, visit www.hikvision.com and www.voloforce.com.