IPVideo Corporation, headquartered in Bay Shore, N.Y., is a manufacturer of IP-based video surveillance and command center solutions. Founded in 1996, when IP video technology was in its infancy, the company said it was among the first to take advantage of this emerging technology in the development of security products.

When IPVideo launched its first video management platform, it deviated from its competitors, who were all selling DVR solutions.

“When we launched our first video management platform, it was a pure network solution that we developed specifically for use with Axis IP cameras, which were brand-new to the American market,” David Antar, president of IP Video, explained. “IPVideo was a name that differentiated us from the other solutions that were available at the time.” Some of the company’s earliest customers included Lockheed Martin, a Nestle manufacturing facility in Ohio, and a major steel manufacturer in Mississippi.

The company also found success in introducing IP video technology into the K-12 education market more than a decade ago. “The Manchester School District in Connecticut was one of the first districts in the United States to install a pure IP video surveillance solution. This was over 10 years ago and it was very exciting at the time,” recalled Antar. Today, the company’s SentryVMS video management platform is used in more than 100 school districts in the New York-metro area. IPVideo also has a broad reach into multiple vertical markets including government, corporate, transportation, higher education and healthcare. “SentryVMS is a totally scalable solution and integrates freely with 10 different access control solutions, making it appropriate for almost any type of customer,” Antar stated. “In addition, we take pride in the degree to which we are willing to work with our customers and provide customized solutions whenever necessary.”

For example, the U.S. Navy wanted to install SentryVMS on one of its ships but it needed a way to completely control the interface using only a jog wheel or joystick, because when ships are navigating turbulent waters, the control mechanism for the VMS needs to be completely stable. “We created a customized interface for the Navy and they were so pleased with it that we are now working with them on installations for two additional ships,” Antar said. The U.S. Navy isn’t the only one impressed with IPVideo’s performance; last year it secured significant funding from Westbury Partners, a private equity investment firm that provides strategic capital to high-growth companies. “The partners of this firm have shown great confidence in our company, our products and our management team, and with their financial support, we are now poised to bring IPVideo to the next level of success,” Antar said.

The company also has received accolades from the Long Island Technology Network (LISTNet), who recently awarded IPVideo the 2014 ListNET Long Island Software Award for the development of its

Global Fusion Center, which opened earlier this year at its corporate headquarters. This year, IPVideo is poised for growth in the marketplace. The company is releasing a new print and online advertising campaign, and is offering a “new dealer test drive program” that comes with a free, comprehensive package of equipment worth $5,000.

The program offers dealers a chance to try out a SentryVMS system risk-free, and “if they can make a sale of a certain size during the first 90 days, the equipment is theirs to keep,” Antar explained. “If not, they can either buy the equipment to use for demonstrations or for resale, or they can return it to us.”

The company is also growing its staff with new hires. Margie Gurwin joined the company earlier this year as director of marketing, bringing with her over 10 years’ experience marketing to the security industry, most recently at Vicon Industries. Matt Krebs is the company’s new sales director. What else lies ahead for IPVideo? Among its many plans is a goal to gain more visibility in the market. “By the end of this year, we want end-users to be asking dealers for our product by name, and we want dealers to be lining up to become certified partners, authorized to sell our solutions,” Antar stated.