atto_ISCATTO Technology Inc. will demonstrate how its storage and connectivity solutions are powering the transition from prosecution to prevention in the security industry at the 2014 ISC East. ATTO will feature its line of Celerity™ HBAs, ExpressSAS™ HBAs and RAID adapters, as well as the FastFrame™ family of NICs and FibreBridge™ storage controllers.

“As security concerns of organizations and government agencies heighten, the demand for prevention-oriented technologies such as multicasting high-definition or 4K resolution video for monitoring and recording has increased,” said Wayne Arvidson, vice president of marketing and channels at ATTO Technology Inc. “As a result, these increasing demands require high bandwidth infrastructure solutions that support the ability to capture data from many more cameras at ultra-high resolution and the ability for real-time analytics used to prevent criminal or terrorist activity, all of which ATTO’s products are optimized for.”

ATTO designs its products for the specific requirements of video surveillance. ATTO’s Advanced Data Streaming, a feature built into every Express SAS HBA and FastFrame NICs, ensures low latency data transfers with guaranteed camera writes, allowing incoming video data availability without any dropped frames for later analysis and review. With write optimization, the ExpressSAS line efficiently manages random write performance to deliver maximum bandwidth for multiple simultaneous video streams.

Along with higher stream density and resolution, there is an increased need to retain video data, and in some cases archive it to meet compliance requirements. ATTO ExpressSAS HBAs can support read-only channels, a feature developed specifically for video forensics that ensures video evidence is secure by disabling writing at the disk level while retaining read-only capability.

ATTO’s ExpressSAS 12Gb SAS/SATA HBA provides users with the fast storage connectivity. ExpressSAS HBAs offer 8- or 16-port configurations, allowing up to 1,200 MB/s per port to enhance the performance of applications and enabling scalability for next-generation platforms and infrastructures, all while reportedly using up to 70 percent less power than competitive HBAs.

DriveAssure, a technology in the ExpressSAS RAID adapter line, repairs drives to prevent premature drive failures and slowdowns to maximize system uptime and extend usable drive life. In the event of drive failure, RAID stack is designed to ensure minimal downtime with fast rebuilds and full performance even in degraded mode.

The ATTO family of FastFrame NICs delivers high performance I/O connectivity and lossless Ethernet support where guaranteed data delivery rates are required. As a pioneer in iSCSI, ATTO’s FastFrame product line has been designed for more rigorous data transfer and reliability, with driver support for Linux, Mac, Windows and virtualized file systems. Available in single-, dual- and quad-port configurations, the 10GbE NICs can be used anywhere in a high-performance infrastructure, including workstations, storage, servers and data center racked servers. FastFrame provides optimized storage performance for NAS systems utilizing surveillance hard drives available from the leading drive manufacturers.

Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs are designed to cover the full performance spectrum from enterprise to workgroup and server to workstation environments. The family of adapters is engineered to optimized data transfer. ATTO’s Multipath Director™ allows users to manage direct connections and multiple paths to enterprise storage systems, increasing the reliability of high performance Linux, Mac OS X and Windows applications, all while improving performance and protecting data through load-balancing and fail-over. ATTO’s Celerity Gen 5 powered 16Gb Fibre Channel quad channel HBAs address the needs of Linux and Windows platforms in high-performance computing, virtualization and other high-IOP and high-bandwidth environments.

ATTO’s ExpressSAS, Celerity and FibreBridge products also make archiving easier by providing connectivity for LTO-6 tape. The FibreBridge 6500 Storage Controller adds integration of SAS/SATA tape storage into a Fibre Channel SAN and features Virtual Drive Response technology which allows devices to queue command on behalf of busy or unresponsive tape storage connected to the storage controller, providing a real-time solution that reduces the number of failed or incomplete backups. ATTO’s Drive Map Director™ technology, which is also included in the FibreBridge line of products, eliminates manual mapping of LUNs and the need to remap LUNs if a drive shelf is removed for maintenance or failure. For information, visit