Brivo has been wholly acquired for $50 million by Dean Drako, who will serve as the company’s chairman, while Steve Van Till, Brivo’s president and CEO, will continue leading the company. 
Brivo’s cloud-based access control system currently services more than 6 million users and more than 100,000 access points, providing feature-rich access control for small and medium businesses, along with scalability and centralized management for global enterprises. 
Drako is a parallel entrepreneur, investor and engineer. In addition to his role as owner and chairman of Brivo, he is founder, president and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks, delivering the first on-demand cloud-based security and operations VMS with both cloud and on-premise recording.
“My goal was to acquire the physical security industry’s best access control system,” said Drako. “Brivo’s true cloud architecture and open API approach put it a generation ahead of other access control systems. Cloud solutions provide exceptional benefits, and Brivo is clearly the market and technology leader. Brivo has also been committed to strong, long-standing relationships with its channel partners, which I believe is the best strategy for delivering extremely high customer satisfaction.” 
With this acquisition, Drako will apply the strategy and execution processes he used at his other successful companies, including Barracuda Networks, to leverage Brivo’s technology lead and growth trajectory. In particular, Drako sees the opportunity to accelerate the cloud technology shift already underway in the physical security industry by combining Brivo’s cloud access control with his cloud video surveillance company, Eagle Eye Networks. 
Although Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks will remain independent companies, they will offer integrated solutions.


As a first step, Brivo will begin selling an integrated solution unifying Brivo OnAir cloud-based access control with Eagle Eye Networks’ cloud security camera system. The combined solution will offer a cloud-based video surveillance and access control solution which is bi-directionally integrated using the open APIs from both companies. This will deliver: 
video verification of door events, with natively viewable and searchable video; and
door event visibility in video: Brivo OnAir door events will appear within the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS. 
Because Brivo and Eagle Eye are both cloud-based, the combined solution uniquely offers flexible deployment, with scalability and cyber-secure remote management. Sales will begin in July. 
“We are extremely excited that Dean Drako has acquired Brivo and is serving as chairman. In addition to Dean's experience founding and leading Barracuda Networks to be a multi-billion dollar company, he has grown his latest company, Eagle Eye Networks, to be the technology leader in cloud video surveillance,” said Van Till. “We both share the vision of delivering the tremendous advantages of cloud-based systems to our customers.” 
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