With the looming 2016 sunset for all 2G communications, SentryNet has begun to educate its dealers on what this will mean to them and their customers. 
Having learned from the Analog sunset a few years back, they do not want their dealers to be caught without solutions, as the 2G networks are already being phased out. In some cases they are failing and are not being repaired across the country, leaving 2G radios with no way to communicate to the central station and leaving customers without the security they have contracted and paid for.
In July 2014 SentryNet began reminding their dealers of the pending sunset date. SentryNet has been working with vendors to create discounts and special pricing that will aid in the cost of the new radios and SIM cards that will be required for the upgrades. At the same time, SentryNet has been pushing this information to their dealers via e-news and their various social media markets. 
They have also created a special 2G Sunset blog at http://www.sentrynet.com where dealers can go for all the information.