Farpointe Data, a DORMA Group company and global partner for RFID solutions, announced that companies using access control readers with Farpointe’s fleaPower option can expect long-term energy savings. The fleaPower option is available on all Farpointe Data proximity and smartcard readers.

This eco-friendly technology cuts energy costs and is an easy addition to any company’s green initiative. In emergency power situations, proximity readers using the fleaPower option reduce average current draw by as much as 50 percent, providing significantly longer up-times with their backup batteries, according to Farpointe Data.

“Being focused on the electronic access control market, we know that security managers, just like every other department head, are being asked to squeeze every speck of cost out of their budgets,” said Scott Lindley, Fairpointe Data president. “Many companies are also asking their managers to incorporate green technologies whenever possible to meet LEED certifications and other eco-friendly programs. Farpointe fleaPower option readers aid both goals, plus they offer increased security by helping backup batteries last longer when electrical power to the access control system shuts down.”      

Farpointe Data proximity card and smart card readers with the fleaPower option will support all leading access control management software and systems.

 Visit www.farpointedata.com for information.