Connect ONE, the flagship, integrated security management platform from Connected Technologies LLC, has a new access expander that allows systems integrators to broaden their scope of services for both residential home automation to robust commercial automation with expansive access control features, security, video verification and many other integrated systems allowing them to easily transition into new, cloud-based RMR opportunities.

The next-generation Connect ONE access expander is fully compatible with ELK Products’ M1 Security and Automation Control. The integrated platform is UL listed for security, and in addition to access control offers critical-temperature monitoring, HVAC and lighting automation all from a single control panel.

The access expander works seamlessly with the Connect ONE interface to provide dealers onsite and remote connectivity while giving commercial customers full control 24/7, from any Web-based browser or smartphone, the company described — adding that dealers can now offer their customers, with one or multiple locations, a total integrated system that provides easy management capabilities.

“It’s imperative for systems integrators to be able to offer new services and expand their scope of operations to new markets for added profitability and RMR,” said Mike Simon, a former dealer and managing partner, Connected Technologies. “The new Access Expander is a simple way to offer both home and commercial automation with integrated access and other vital security and energy control offerings all on the same platform. Connect ONE provides integrators a way to standardize service offerings which will help simplify their businesses,” he said.

The Connect ONE access expander is easy to set up and hardware and network configuration is not required. The access control functionality allows for up to 16 doors of control and is readily expandable. Other features include the ability to handle 10,000 users with keypad codes and/or 26-bit access control cards; a database of 1,000 profiles for arming and access permissions with scheduling; time and holiday scheduling as well for doors and outputs; quick lockdown feature for one or multiple locations; elevator control; 2,500-count event buffer that stores events locally when necessary; and unlimited event count storage in the cloud for one year.

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