Solink launched fraud prevention as a service as part of its new end-to-end, cloud-based security solution. 
“Our mission is twofold,” said Michael Matta, CEO of Solink. “First, we want businesses to have seamless access to all of their video and transactional data from anywhere, and second, we want them to be data-driven when it comes to addressing internal fraud. You can’t have one without the other so we created a solution to collect and centralize all your on-premise data and a fraud application called Video Discovery to proactively identify abnormal behavior. With this approach, we’re putting the emphasis on data, not hardware.”
Solink provides the entire infrastructure at no cost. According to a release by Solink, they believe that putting data first means customers should never have to worry about hardware, end of life models, or maintenance and upkeep. The platform works with existing cameras, takes minutes to set up and is built on the highest standards of security and encryption.
Solink creates a tool for fraud prevention by integrating video with relevant data from existing business systems. Users can quickly identify outliers and suspicious activities across every location in their network. All suspicious events can be managed through an integrated case management application. Built-in reporting and notification tools will send automated notifications to alert users of fraud, suspicious activity, downtime or system failures.
“With over 5,000 locations worldwide who are already using our fraud prevention software, we are excited to take our solution to the next level. Video management companies keep trying to convince customers that their video system is the solution to all their problems, yet we all know that using video alone comes up short almost every time. Our data centric model tells you where to find fraud, then uses video to verify it,” said Rob Tucker, president of Solink.