Galaxy Control Systems recently expanded its integration with Morpho (Safran) with full integrated support for the newly released MorphoManager BioBridge biometric device enrollment solution incorporated into System Galaxy.

“Building on the integration between System Galaxy controllers and Morpho’s biometric access control products, this latest integration bridges the gap between new products while also supporting legacy products to ensure seamless integration and interoperability between Morpho’s full range of solutions,” said Robert Laughlin, president, Galaxy Control Systems.

“The MorphoManager integration provides System Galaxy customers with a seamless and comprehensive biometric enrollment and management solution, to bring even more security and convenience to their existing solution,” said Gary Jones, director of Morpho biometric access and time solutions. “System Galaxy customers can benefit from Morpho’s ever-expanding range of industry-leading biometric terminals, including the award-winning MorphoWave and Morpho Sigma Series.”

System Galaxy, a scalable, enterprise-class access control and management solution, seamlessly integrates security and building management functions. Additional features include active directory support to enable real-time identity management, individualized identity-based door access, and the ability to generate specific reports for each screen view or credential holder. 

System Galaxy can be used to perform programming and other administrative functions for Morpho’s leading biometric solutions, including the MorphoSmart optic enrollment reader, MorphoAccess J-Series fingerprint readers and MorphoAccess 500+ Series fingerprint reader. Morpho’s MorphoManager BioBridge software allows users to more easily set up and configure these devices, ensuring a seamless experience for administration and management of access control and biometrics with System Galaxy.

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