MongoTEL has selected the California Alarm Association (CAA) Winter Convention, December 9 through 12 in San Francisco, to unveil its National Certified Low Voltage Dealer Program to the low‐voltage community. 
The program is designed specifically to provide dealers and integrators with additional services and subsequent RMR from the sales and installation of VoIP and hosted telephone communications services to end user customers. The program is a natural fit with dealers’ current offerings and allows them to migrate easily to new sources of RMR in the burgeoning VoIP market with a proven, high‐quality, professionally installed solution that “just works” for their end user customers, according to a release from MongoTEL. 
Based in Brooklyn, N.Y., MongoTEL is a provider of high‐definition, cloud‐based phone systems and virtual PBX platforms. MongoTEL’s solutions, which are sold through security distribution only, are based on the company’s proprietary hardware and best leveraged and delivered by professional, certified low‐voltage installers. 
“Business telephone services need to be expertly specified, installed and delivered, and are not plug and play, which initially led to a bad reputation of the technology,” said Moshe BT, president of MongoTEL. “They need to be expertly installed and should not be sold directly to the end user without a professional low‐voltage installer, who can ensure the customer is not disappointed and that the installation goes properly from start to finish. The MongoTEL Certified Dealer Program allows alarm companies to expand their service offerings and gain substantial RMR from these installations.” He estimated attainable RMR at an average of $6 to $19 per month per user, with most enterprise clients having 25 or more users. 
“Services are increasingly important to alarm companies, and we’re excited to see MongoTEL launch their Certified Dealer Program at CAA. It’s these types of value‐added solutions that are critical to the profitability and long‐term revenue of security companies in California and across the nation,” said Cathy Rempel, president of CAA. 
Other features of the MongoTEL Certified Dealer Program include:
  • a superior VoIP product that is available exclusively through certified dealers, and is not available to consumers directly — online or offline;
  • MongoBILL, an installer-only payment platform that takes care of all their client RMR billing and payments;
  • no minimum starting requirements for hardware purchases;
  • technical training and sales and marketing assistance; and
  • comprehensive lead generation program and other support.