Hikvision USA Inc. partnered with Control4 to bring video surveillance technology to the Smart House market. Hikvision cameras integrate with the Control4 smart home operating system, adding to a robust suite of features in which users can control and automate lighting, music, security and energy throughout their homes.

Control4 unites networked home devices such as window shades, entertainment systems, door locks, thermostats and security cameras with a common operating system that can be accessed via a touchscreen on the wall, a remote control or smartphone app. More than 40 Hikvision models are supported by drivers available in the Control4 online driver database, including the 3 MP outdoor dome (DS-2CD2132-I) and the pinhole camera (DS-2CD6412FWD). Hikvision’s application programming interface is also common to all Control4 products, allowing for interoperability with third-party devices. 

“Working with partners such as Hikvision is incredibly important to us because we are committed to interoperability: Control4 is an open ecosystem,” said Noel Gouff, senior director of business development for Control4.

“Hikvision is committed to providing flexibility and freedom to our customers, so interoperability is very important to us,” stated Eagle Ying, chief technology officer for Hikvision USA.

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