ZKAccess officially entered into a formal manufacturing and exclusive brand partnership with Delta Turnstiles. Delta will continue focusing on the development, sales and support of its turnstile solutions, while adding economical turnstiles to its product portfolio to appeal to customers with smaller budgets.

Delta will be ZKAccess’ exclusive North American partner for the sale and distribution of additional turnstile models and configurations under the “Powered by ZKAccess” brand.  Available options will include ZKAccess’ biometric (fingerprint and/or face) readers, RFID readers and new-age access control systems. Benefits to integrators, dealers and end users include economical models with optional 100 percent standalone preparation that is plug-and-play.

“This relationship reaffirms our focus on providing further value to our customers by delivering innovative and affordable solutions for lobby and entryway applications,” stated Tom Howell, CEO and founding Delta partner.

“It’s a terrific win-win-win for Delta, ZKAccess and our network of customers and partners,” said Larry Reed, CEO of ZKAccess.

Delta and ZKAccess executed the first phase of the agreement; the two companies will now work over the next months to offer the new co-branded product line to current and prospective Delta customers through their network of customers and partners across the United States.

Visit www.zkaccess.com for more information.