IPVideo Corporation, a manufacturer of IP-based video surveillance and command center solutions, has entered into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Milestone Systems, by which IPVideo Corporation will sell and support a rebranded version of Milestone’s XProtect software platform. 
The IPVideo solution will parallel the offerings of Milestone’s current enterprise and corporate software suites, which cater to large-scale, multi-site, geographically dispersed and high-security applications. IPVideo will offer the video management solution (VMS) as software-only or pre-loaded onto purpose-built, powerful video servers with a range of storage options. In addition, IPVideo will offer licensing to the full range of supported integration partners that Milestone’s open platform ecosystem comprises. 
The addition of a VMS powered by Milestone Systems is a natural complement to IPVideo Corporation’s own C3fusion integrated security management (ISM) solution, according to an IPVideo release. C3fusion provides centralized command, control and coordinated response to a wide range of disparate systems through a central interface. Milestone System’s XProtect platform is already supported by C3fusion, bringing surveillance video, as well as data from any of its community of integration partners, into the C3fusion management console. 
The ability for IPVideo to sell and support a rebranded version of XProtect video management under the same umbrella as its C3fusion product allows the company to offer customers a seamless continuum of options — from pure VMS with future-ready capabilities, to a fully expanded, multifaceted control environment that bridges security technologies with the growing IoT. In addition, IPVideo will continue to offer its SentryVMS video management system that includes select license-free cameras and encoders.
“IPVideo Corporation considers it an honor to associate our name with Milestone Systems, a company that has defined the network video surveillance space and the open platform paradigm since day one,” said David Antar, president of IPVideo Corporation. “Milestone’s vision of creating an open standards community closely matches IPVideo’s fundamental guiding principles to ‘expand the boundaries of technology’ through an open community. We see this partnership as an opportunity for both companies to deliver tremendous game-changing value to the marketplace.”
Henrik Kenneth Nielsen, OEM sales director at Milestone Systems, said, “We are pleased about the growth opportunities in this new relationship with IPVideo Corporation: a partnering community is the way to ensure continual exploration of more options. The Milestone open platform presents limitless possibilities for integrations and new innovations, providing future-proof solutions that are able to accommodate customers’ needs as they evolve over time.”
IPVideo Corporation will officially announce the OEM agreement at the ISC West Conference in Las Vegas, April 6-8, 2016.