OpenEye, Booth 17101

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) is a powerful cloud-enabled video management platform designed to improve operational efficiencies and drive value across the entire organization. The platform consists of five major components, helping solve real-world video surveillance problems: Apex Server, OWS Web Client, Command Station VMS, OpenEye Mobile app, and Apex NVR appliances.

OWS merges all video surveillance needs into a single integrated platform that the company says produces a greater return on investment, simplifies the management of video systems and provides a safer, more secure surveillance solution. The platform prevents unauthorized users from opening an inbound port to enable client user access. Additional security measures including two-step verification and AES-256 data encryption provide advanced protection for client users.

Built around open architecture, OWS is ONVIF compliant and has the ability to connect analog cameras though an encoder.

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