As of May 1, Low Voltage Contractors (LVC) acquired J.N. Johnson. J.N. will continue to do business as J.N. Johnson, a division of LVC. The acquisition includes the Minneapolis office, the Hibbing office, the International Falls office, as well as Lee Leasing.

Bob Hoertsch, LVC president and CEO, said, “This is a very exciting opportunity for us as it broadens our ability to truly be the contractor who can provide all the technology goods and services for a very wide range of clients.

J.N. Johnson and LVC have a history together starting more than 35 years ago when John Goodwyne, J.N. Johnson’s owner, started LVC. The two companies have continued to grow and work together.

“The advent of smaller, more powerful computers has made the need for large computers and data storage devices obsolete as well as diminishing the need for large clean agent systems,” Hoertsch said. “There is still, however, a large demand for suppression in the industrial market, the Iron Range and other highly sensitive mission-critical facilities.

“This market is exactly why we decided to make this move. By utilizing the talents and resources of both JNJ and LVC, we provide capabilities that few other companies possess and the ability to design, provide, install and service the entire system platform.”