Sonitrol, a provider of verified electronic security, announced further investment and growth in the security industry. 
Sonitrol provides customers throughout the U.S. and Canada with customized, state-of-the-art security solutions for intrusion alarms, access control, video surveillance and fire detection. 
In April 2016 Sonitrol launched its new brand image to the market, updating its logo, website, literature and sales tools. “With a growing network of franchises and the necessity to leverage new marketing and sales methods, such as social media and mobile devices, we had an opportunity to update our brand,” said Julie Beach, vice president of sales and marketing of the Sonitrol network, at STANLEY Security. “As franchisor of this innovative brand, STANLEY Security has the responsibility to provide the Sonitrol dealer network with a brand that reflects our innovation. Our updated look is modern, consistent, and scalable to new marketing vehicles, such as social media, while keeping the integrity and brand recognition established over the years.”
Over the past year, Sonitrol has opened two new franchises: Sonitrol of East Cascades in Bend, Ore., and Sonitrol of San Bernardino Mountains in Big Bear, Calif., and expanded the territories of three of its franchises in New York, California and North Carolina. “We are excited to continue helping secure the world we live in by expanding our geographic reach and offering our unique verified electronic security solutions to new markets,” said Beach. The Sonitrol network now consists of 86 franchises and 43 corporate offices covering the U.S. and Canada and has the best criminal apprehension record in the industry according to a company press release — currently 174,500. 
Fourteen Sonitrol franchise operations ranked in these SDM 100, including a debut at No.100 for Sonitrol Security Systems of the Triangle (Raleigh, N.C.). “We’re excited to be part of the 52-year heritage of Sonitrol and join the other excellent Sonitrol dealers ranked in the SDM 100,” said Chuck Harrelson, president of Sonitrol Security Systems of the Triangle.
The Sonitrol franchises included in the SDM 100 rankings are: No. 12 – Interface Security Systems Holdings Inc.; No.34 – Kimberlite Corp.; No. 38 – Sonitrol Pacific; No. 39 – Sonitrol New England; No. 41 – Sonitrol of Sacramento/Orange County; No. 52 – Sonitrol of Tallahassee; No. 56 – Sonitrol of Buffalo/Toronto; No. 57 – Sonitrol Tri-County; No. 61 – Sonitrol Southwest Ohio; No. 64– Sonitrol of Lexington (Bates Security LLC) ; No. 80 – Sonitrol Security Services Inc. (Charlotte, N.C.) ; No. 82 – Sonitrol of Indianapolis; No. 95 – Sonitrol of Evansville; and No. 100 – Sonitrol Security Systems of the Triangle. 
Jeremy Morton, vice president of business development – security, at STANLEY Security, said, “With the launch of SONAVISION Vigil video verification last year, in addition to Sonitrol’s patented audio intrusion capabilities, we continue to set new standards in alarm verification and record breaking apprehension numbers. Combining our new brand image, expanding franchises, and investment in new products, Sonitrol is teed up to continue our impressive growth trend and I expect to see our franchises continue to move up the SDM 100 list.”