Sargent and Greenleaf Inc. (S&G), a division of STANLEY Security, announced the relaunch of its USB Audit Lock (Model 3006/3007), known as Audit Lock 2.0, a commercial-grade digital lock system with audit trail capabilities for recorded access. The Audit Lock 2.0 is the first release on the new S&G Digital Platform, a line of locks that are easier to operate, simpler to program, and more customizable in their functionality. The Audit Lock 2.0 provides advanced security by recording access event data for more informative solution. The S&G Digital Platform allows products to be more flexible and modular in design, which provides enhanced security, a consistent user experience and advanced data management. By updating the original software, the Audit Lock 2.0 is now able to perform the audit trail download to a USB flash drive, resulting in faster data transfer.

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