Did you know that a happy salesforce is a productive salesforce? Studies have shown a direct correlation between a happy sales team and high productivity.

If your salespeople like their jobs and feel you do well in yours, they’re more likely to be high achievers. The reverse holds true, as well: salespeople that don’t respect their company or its leaders are more likely to leave or become underachievers.

I saw this first hand when I managed the Western U.S. for one of the world’s largest security integrators. Our office in San Francisco had a great leader and the highest salesperson productivity of any branch in the company. Conversely, our office in Las Vegas had a poor leader that was despised by the sales team. It’s no secret why Las Vegas was at one time a poor performer with high turnover and under-performing salespeople.

How do you know if your salespeople don’t like and respect you? I’ve listed 44 sales manager behaviors that salespeople despise. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so please let me know any that I’ve missed by leaving a comment at www.SDMmag.com or by sending me a message.

   1.  You are a contemptible tyrant.

    2.  You are too nice.

    3.  You avoid dealing with issues.

    4.  You are too forgiving.

    5.  You don’t hold others accountable.

    6.  You don’t do what you say you will, when you say you will do it.

    7.  You are never satisfied.

    8.  You always criticize.

    9.  You never offer praise.

  10.  You won’t admit when you are wrong.

  11.  You don’t have a sense of urgency to get things accomplished.

  12.  You play favorites, and favor certain salespeople over others.

  13.  You lie to them.

  14.  You change your mind all the time.

  15.  You are indecisive.

  16.  You blame others for your errors.

  17.  You can’t admit you made a mistake.

  18.  You think you know more than you do.

  19.  You act like an arrogant buffoon who thinks they are better than others.

  20.  You won’t make decisions.

  21.  You avoid conflict.

  22.  You don’t let salespeople make decisions.

  23.  You are too controlling.

  24.  You show no appreciation for your team.

  25.  You don’t represent salesperson interests well with upper management.

  26.  You don’t display loyalty to your sales team. You don’t “have their back.”

  27.  You aren’t consistent in your actions or application of policy.

  28.  You don’t show respect to salespeople.

  29.  You aren’t self-aware.

  30.  You don’t communicate well.

  31.  You don’t care about their personal lives.

  32.  You don’t keep others in the loop.

  33.  You don’t teach them how to improve.

  34.  You spread yourself too thin.

  35.  You ask questions you should already know the answers to.

  36.  You don’t read your email.

  37.  You don’t respond to email.

  38.  You don’t respect other people’s time.

  39.  You’re consistently not available to help them when needed.

  40.  You don’t know what you are doing.

  41.  You’re an egomaniac who makes everything about you.

  42.  You don’t give them credit when credit is due.

  43.  You don’t respect their personal time.

  44.  You bully and manipulate people.

All of these behaviors are counter-productive to making more sales, yet I see them over and over again from sales leaders. Good salespeople have options and aren’t inclined to tolerate boorish behavior.

If you feel that you exhibit any of these behaviors, realize that they’re costing you sales and revenues. If you are doing any of these things, I urge you to take corrective actions immediately.