Leviton announced significant user experience enhancements to the Lumina Gateway and Lumina RF eco-system. Enterprise corporations with multiple locations can now benefit from the energy management solutions provided by the Lumina Gateway wireless energy management automation system, which includes thermostats, occupancy and door contact sensors, lighting controls, heavy-duty load controls, and window coverings. New features to the Lumina Gateway system include a dashboard fed by Google Maps, corporate-wide scheduling with one unified open/close/automation scheme for all applicable stores and role-based authority levels for corporate, regional, and store employees. The new mobile app, Leviton Cloud Services, shows all business locations in a real-time list for easy access to enroll a new device. The new Web-based setup provides professional installers the ability to use Apple or PC computers for on-site commissioning or remote management. Leviton will also release new 600W and 1000W in-wall full phase dimmers.

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