There is a list for almost everything, anyplace in the world — and Canada is no exception. If you want to know about the best jobs Canada has to offer, you may turn to Canadian Business’ report, “Canada’s Best Jobs 2016: The Top 25 Jobs In Canada.”  (

For international quality of life comparisons, read The Conference Board of Canada’s report, “How Canada Performs” (

The report “2016 Branham300 – Canada’s Top Tech Companies” offers a dozen or more different rankings of the largest companies in the ICT (information and communications technology) sector in Canada ( While these rankings contain some familiar names, such as several security manufacturing companies), they don’t include businesses such as yours nor reflect work that security dealers and security integrators do every day. Until now, such a list did not exist.

But in this issue on page 7, Professional Security Canada launches the inaugural “Canada’s Top Security Companies Report,” a ranking by revenue of the largest security systems integration and monitoring companies across the country. The purpose of the report is to measure industry performance over time through changes in total gross revenue, systems integration revenue, recurring monthly revenue, employment levels and other metrics.

Reports such as this one, modeled after the SDM 100 and Top Systems Integrators Reports in the U.S., carry value to the industry as a whole in their ability to attract capital and help guide investments. To individual companies they may serve as a vehicle in marketing, attract potential employees, and help shape strategy and goals. We applaud the few Canadian security companies who chose to participate in this inaugural report, and we encourage all companies in the industry to apply in 2017.


Laura Stepanek

Editor, Professional Security Canada