Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken our industry to a whole new level, becoming a force multiplier for video monitoring by filtering out false alarms. But it isn’t just a force in the security industry — AI is making its way into multiple industries by being able to automate manual tasks, and that includes marketing. Here is an inside look at 10 AI marketing tools that can help grow your security company.


Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free AI-based designing tool that lets you play around with colors, fonts and templates to create cool social graphics, videos and web pages. You can remove the Adobe Spark branding on the free version by paying approximately $10 per month. Learn more at


Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach helps audit branded content across channels such as blogs, email and paid ads. The tool provides content intelligence to help improve quality and relevance in addition to helping reduce editing time. Learn more at



Increase the efficiency of your email campaigns via AI-powered optimization. Automizy is an email marketing platform that provides an AI-powered subject line tester, A/B split testing, email resend and automation. Learn more at



Curata is a content curation software that scours the web and listens to social media for the freshest, most relevant content using AI. As you curate content, the software learns your preferences. Learn more at is an AI sales and marketing assistant that works alongside your reps and engages in conversations with leads over web chat and email 24/7, so your sales team can focus on closing business. Conversations are always timely, personalized and human. uses AI to continuously learn what works and push leads forward in the funnel. It asks qualification questions, provides product answers and resources, handles objections and understands when the time is right to have a rep take over. Learn more at



Lumen5 is a video creation platform powered by AI and machine learning. Enter a link to a blog post or news article and, using natural language processing, Lumen5 will automatically create a storyboard for you. Machine learning will match each scene with media files that are relevant to your content. Learn more at



This AI tool helps marketers discover new leads and guides them through the conversion process. The tool uses its database to find connections between entities on the web, such as products, companies and people. It then uses its algorithm to find people who are most likely to buy a product or interact with a specific company. Learn more at

Do you find it easier to share a story verbally versus writing content from scratch? Take a look at, an AI-based service that not only records audio, but also transcribes voices with great accuracy. The transcription can easily be downloaded to a text file as well as shared with others. Learn more at


AI in marketing isn’t quite at the point of outperforming human creativity, but it is capable of automating many tasks from content research to competitive intelligence and beyond.