Genetec Inc. introduced a new application designed to transform existing video surveillance content into consumer insights. The new Genetec Retail Intelligence application will filter and analyze incoming video surveillance data to produce actionable intelligence about store operations, buying patterns and trends.

By analyzing and correlating data provided by multiple sensors, Genetec Retail Intelligence will help retailers gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ behaviors, needs, and preferences to build a more personal relationship, the company described. With powerful analytics such as queue management, heat mapping, directional analysis, people counting and conversion rate analytics, Genetec Retail Intelligence can notify relevant staff in real-time to respond to an influx of shoppers in the store or within a specific department.

The application also will inform store management when checkout lanes or changing room lines become long so they can reassign staff as necessary. Marketing and merchandising professionals also will be able to use the data provided by the application to refine their promotions and optimize inventory strategies, from within a single interface.

“Our Genetec Retail Intelligence application will help retailers not only gain insights into store performance and customer buying patterns, but will generate powerful analytics-driven intelligence, delivered in a format that can be easily understood, interpreted and shared,” said Derek Arcuri, product marketing manager, Genetec Retail Intelligence.

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